Goof Troop, Goof

A Goofy Movie - 21

On this, the 21st anniversary of the release of A Goofy Movie, I offer:

A making-of feature, 25 minutes or so in length. Hosted by Jenna von Oÿ (voice of Stacey) it has interviews with a number of other actors, animators, directors, writers, etc. et al.

Seriously, why wasn't this a special feature on the DVD when it came out? Then again, why wasn't the DVD widescreen?

We may never know.
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I would say Ollo...but Ayuck is more fitting :)

Hi guys im new to this community. i have been a huge fan of this movie since i can remember and i cant believe i have never seen this place before. quick question for the mod- is this place really active? I have a fic nearly ready and i would love to post it. as you can tell from my icon, i have just rambled over from the megamind_movie LJ and am excited to see this place :) i joined a few weeks ago but I only remembered now xD

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